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KODI Services, LLC - Handyman 407-456-9731

A Handyman service with 30 years experience in the home repair, landscaping and irrigation repair service.


Whether you need to make everyday home repairs or want to make a home improvement, choose the professional handyman services provided by KODI Services. We take pride in helping homeowners and businesses solve problems big and small, whether it’s a squeaky door or how to make more space for a growing family.

KODI Services, LLC is an independent professional handyman company that provides a wide range of handyman and landscape services. These services include but are not limited to outstanding building maintenance, home improvements, painting, power washing, irrigation repair & upgrade, sod installation, low voltage lighting (night lighting) installation & repair.

Home Owners

One of the biggest investments you have is your home, and maintaining that home is an important part of home ownership. Keeping up with maintenance and repairs will result in a healthy and safe home that maintains it's value. Home renovation and remodeling will add value to your home and provide an enjoyable living environment for you and your family.

Small Businesses

Whether you are looking for routine building or office maintenance or are in need of building or office repairs, KODI Services can provide that service to you. See our rates and services page for more information on what we do.

Property Managers / Landlords

Hiring KODI Services  to perform quality building maintenance, repairs, and improvements will add value to your property that will attract quality tenants and keep your current tenants satisfied.   


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